We are an art and media school for children and young people from the ages of 5 to 25. We offer a wide range of weekly after-school courses and weekend workshops in subjects such as drawing, cartoons, creative writing, sculpture, collage, graphics, stop-motion animation, and short film. To attend a course, you must sign up and pay a fee online.

We also offer a field trip programme for public schools in Aarhus. Up to five times a week, we welcome an entire class for one of the following projects: stop-motion animation, short film, creative writing, Art and Math, and drawing workshops.

We offer open workshops on weekends and afternoons throughout the year. We’ll announce these on our website.

We want to give children and adolescents the opportunity to express themselves through creative processes

•    to experiment and use their imagination
•    to strengthen their ability to express themselves

Courses, workshops, and field trips always end with a finished product such as a short film, an animation, drawings, or a book. Our teachers are designers, artists, architects, animators, and writers. We teach in different places in Aarhus and in our school at Brobjergskolen in the very heart of the city.

You can sign up for our newsletter (in Danish) if you are interested in receiving information about the courses and workshops:

3 Year Visual Art Foundation Course

The school also offers a 3 year Visual Art Foundation Course for older talented students (16+). This course offers the opportunity for students to study a wide variety of different art mediums.

Teaching sessions take place in the afternoon and evenings during the week, introducing courses and classes in drawing, painting, book production, sculpture, photography, video and animation, architecture, graphic printmaking techniques and performance arts.

The presentation of creative, technical and analytical skills will be introduced by our in-house artists and art educators and guest artists. A dynamic, supportive and interdisciplinary environment will encourage students to develop a sense of artistic self as well as critical understanding, communication skills and the ability to present their ideas and artworks.

Projects and workshops for the foundation course talent students involve exhibitions, participation in the National Talent meet-up, mentoring sessions, study trips and a summer camp.

Aarhus Art and Media School works in collaboration with many other institutions to support the development of the student on the VISUAL ART FOUNDATION COURSE. These include Aros Art Museum, Dokk 1 Library and Citizens’ Services, Godsbanen Centre for Cultural Production in Aarhus, Aarhus School of Architecture, Design School in Kolding, Jutland Art Academy, The Animation Workshop in Viborg and educational institutions.

Contact us

Please give us a call, and we will be happy to give you the information you need.

Phone: 8620 2223

This is our Writing School:
Forfatterskolen engelske undertekster from Aarhus Billed- og Medieskole on Vimeo.

The school is supported by the Municipality of Aarhus.